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Hi, I'm a very relaxed photographer who has photographed hundreds of:

Families: All sizes from 2 members but we have had up to 14 in the studio at one time!!!!

Pets: Mainly dogs and cats but anything goes!!!!

Babies - some cry, some are sick and some pee all over the place (and worse) I'm not worried so you don't need to either. I consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to photograph such precious little bundles with their silky hair & skin, not to mention the cutest fingers and toes! I never book anyone in after a new baby shoot as babies can be unpredictable so there is no need to worry about rushing or pressure to get finished.

I recommend you bring your little one along as early as possible (first 2 weeks), however if you miss this period we can still get some wonderful photos so don’t be put off.

I'm an experienced photographer however I continue to keep my prices realistic and my standards high. I charge £20, payable on the day of the shoot, this covers not only the studio shoot; it also covers a free 8x6 image of your choice. My print prices start at only £12.50, there are no nasty surprises, no hard sell, just a relaxed, photographic session with a friendly photographer.

For appointments call Michael on 01362 699327 or 07795 161 917.

Appointments available between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week

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